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Worker:笹卮・E/h2>  撤魚廂卮をす・E・・任ぁΔbr>





Management Planner/Risk Accessor:管理計画者・旗埀調査官


Project Designer:規格設計者

 Management Planner/Risk Accessorの・E檗璽箸鮖温佑忙斗予颪鮑棔垢・・・任ぁΔbr>
・メー・E▲疋・后・a href="mailto:environmental@fescogroup.net">environmental@fescogroup.net

Asbestos Courses
Lead Related Courses
Other Courses
Other Courses
Other Services
  • Radon Testing by EPA Certifed Tester
  • Radon Mitigation
  • Develop, Update, and Maintain Environmental Management Plans

  • 1) Air Emissions Reduction Plan
    2) Hazardous Waste (HW) Management Plan.
    3) Potable Water System Master Plan.
    4) Emergency Drinking Water Contingency Plan
    5) Total Coliform Bacteria Monitoring Plan.
    6) Slug Prevention Plan
    7) Waste Analysis Plan
    8) Hazardous Waste Storage Area Closure Plan
    9) Installation Spill Contingency Plan to contain and clean up spills and releases of Hazardous Waste
    10) Solid Waste Landfill Closure Plan
    11) Facility Spill Plans
    12) Pest Management Plans
    13) Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (to include historic and archeological sites)
    14) Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP)
    15) Asbestos Management Plan
    16) Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasures, Reporting, and Response Plan
    17) Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management Plan
    18) Solid Waste Management Plan
    19) Installation Environmental Protection Plan
    20) Wastewater Spill Response Plan
    21) Oil and Hazardous Substance (OHS) Spill Response Plan (Includes Reporting)
    22) Underground Storage Tank Closure Plan

  • Installation Environmental Audits:
    Conduct environmental audits for various environmental media areas

  • 1) Air Emissions (Includes Ozone Depleting Substances)
    2) Drinking Water
    3) Waste Water (Includes Storm Water, Industrial Process Water, and Domestic Waste Water)
    4) Hazardous Material
    5) Hazardous Waste
    6) Solid Waste
    7) Medical Waste Management
    8) Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants
    9) Pesticides
    10) Historic and Cultural Resources
    11) Natural Resources and Endangered Species.
    12) Polychorinated Biphenyls
    13) Asbestos
    14) Lead Based Paint
    15) Spill Prevention and Response Planning
    16) Underground Storage Tanks

  • Identify And Develop Environmental Protection Requirements (EPR)

  • 1) Review the EPR guidebook and provide recommendations on a spreadsheet specific installation requirements that can be submitted into the EPR process.
    2) Given a specific project, write an EPR identifying the regulatory driver, brief description of the requirement, detailed cost estimate, and impact statement if not accomplished.
    3) Follow-up with responses to questions raised by funding authorities.

  • Implement Closure Plans

  • 1) Underground storage tank (UST)
    2) Hazardous waste storage site
    3) Previously contaminated site (no more than 1/4 acre size)

  • Develop Installation Environmental Guidebook

  • 1) Installation Guidebook - Develop an installation specific environmental guidebook identifying all environmental points of contact as related to specific environmental media areas.
    2) Print 100 copies of the Guidebook.
  • Repatriation of Japanese Remains and Artifacts

  • 1) Work as liaison between U.S. entities and Japanese Agencies to repatriate Japanese remains and artifacts found on U.S. soil back to Japan and prepare items for repatriation meeting or exceeding Japanese requirements.

  • Call or E-mail for pricing or more information.
Other Services
  • Develop, Update, and Coordinate Environmental Installation Instructions

  • 1) Installation Environmental Protection Instruction
    2) Installation Environmental Management System (EMS) Instruction
    3) Installation Hazardous Waste Management Instruction
    4) Slug Prevention Instruction
    5) Installation Oil and Hazardous Substance Spill Response Instruction
    6) Installation Waste Water Discharge Spill Response Instruction
  • Conduct, Develop, and/or Update Inventories and Surveys

  • 1) Develop and Maintain an Air Emission Source Inventory
    2) Develop and Maintain a Specific Animal Species Inventory
    3) Develop and Maintain a Specific Plant Species Inventory
    4) Develop and Maintain Underground Storage Tank (UST) Inventory
    5) Conduct a General Natural Resources Survey
    6) Conduct a General Nultural Resources Survey
    7) Conduct a General archaeological resources survey
    8) Develop a cultural resources inventory
    9) Develop a natural resources inventory
    10) Perform a biological assessment
    11) Formulate a biological opinion
    12) Develop an archaeological resources inventory
    13) Develop and Maintain Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Inventory
    14) Conduct an Illicit Discharge Survey
    15) Conduct a Radon survey
    16) Conduct a lead based paint (LBP) survey
    17) Conduct an asbestos survey
    18) Develop a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) inventory
    19) Conduct a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) survey

  • Periodic Inspections Required By Regulation

  • 1) SPCC inspections
    2) Hazardous waste accumulation site inspections
    3) Hazardous waste storage area inspections
    4) Underground Injection Control (UIC) well inspections
    5) Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Inspections
    6) Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA) inspections

  • Develop Environmental Award Nomination Packages (Chief of Naval Operation, Air Force, Secretary of Navy, Secretary of Defense, U.S. Forces Japan, Etc.)

  • 1) Cultural Resources Individual/Team Award
    2) Natural Resources Individual/Team Award
    3) Environmental Quality Individual/Team Award
    4) Environmental Quality Installation Award
    5) Cultural Resources Installation Award
    6) Natural Resources Installation Award

  • Consulting Management Services for Installation Environmental Organizations

  • 1) Evaluate the environmental concerns and potential issues of an installation.
    2) Perform a human resource requirements study to determine the number of personnel required and the skill set to perform the environmental program management is adequate.
    3) Develop position descriptions.
    4) Develop an Installation Environmental Organization Chart complemented with a concept of operations.

  • Environmental Policy Act (NEP National A)

  • 1) Review project for environmental concerns in the areas of natural resources protection, cultural resources protection, and environmental compliance.
    2) Determine if project can be categorically excluded (CATEX'd) or if an environmental assessment needs to be considered by discussing the action, if necessary, with the various resource and regulatory agencies as applicable (Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), Local and Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Army Corps of Engineers, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Coastal Zone Management Office (CZMO).



講座予・E修傍載さぁζいない講座に関してはぁ箙腓参爾気ぁまbr> 受講人数が5人以上であ・E亞・峅椎修幣・腓發△蠅泙垢里如△・箙腓擦虜櫃蓮崋・嵳縦・与堯廚函崕蚕蝓廚鯡正の上ぁ箙腓参爾気ぁか

特・E・莪法に基づぁ週・/h2> ・事業者名:ファーイーストサービス株式会社
・・E瀉蓮 Б・01-2221 沖・E・耕誄市伊此-7-26
・運営統括責任者:渡慶次(とけし) 哲・Ebr> ・講座受講料:お問い合・E擦・世気・br> ・お支払方法:銀行振込・ク・E献奪肇・璽舗br> ・受講料以外に必要な費用:お客様に応じて消費税、振込・E・楕銀行振込)
※ お申込みをさ・E・阿防・困・匹濂爾気ぁまbr>
 請求書の発行後、料金の入金をさ・E泙靴浸・世砲・い匿醜・澆粒猟蠅箸覆蠅泙后まbr>  確・E紂△・厖佑里甘垤腓砲茲蠅・茲・辰靴砲覆・・腓蓮・br>  お支払いいただいた講習料はいかな・E・海砲茲辰討睚峇圓気・泙擦鵝まbr>  出席できない・E腓任癲・・・魎垢┐銅・屬垢・海箸呂任ませんので br>  よくご確認の上お申し込み下さい。